Recon started out as a simple gift of intercession. People gathered to pray for Hollywood, California, the US, and world, at a North Hollywood recording studio in the early ‘80s, on the tail end of the Jesus Movement. There, well-known and unknown artists, writers, producers, actors, all with a heart for God and prayer, gathered every Thursday night at Freddie and Chris Perren’s studio… And one night in the midst of prayer, a vision of an album titled “Intercessor” that would model and teach prayer musicallyemerged.

Although the plan was to give it away to a Christian network when it was finished, there were no takers. It was sent to Jack Hayford, pastor of Church on the Way, in Van Nuys, California, for input, hoping all the hard work and prayer was not in vain. Pastor Jack, known as an author and teacher on prayer, loved the project and asked the participants to perform it as a musical at Church on the Way. It was subsequently performed there and other churches in L.A., and as a fundraising concert for Embracing Life Ministries at the Vineyard in Santa Monica. It was also performed at the Media Caucus of the Presidential Prayer Breakfast, and “Bless Our Nation” from the album was featured at a special reception in the Indian Treaty Room of the White House. It became one of the best-selling independent releases of the ‘80s and early ‘90s and still is streamed and downloaded across platforms and nations. The recording was never meant to launch a label, but God had a better plan.