Healing Presence benefits Embracing Life Ministries (ELM) and was created to encourage and extend the message of God’s love to those with HIV and AIDS. It was given away, but also raised support for the ministry through ELM’s donors.


A number of music’s top session players, writers, and Christian artists volunteered their talents for this. “Thank You Lord” with Alice Echols and Rick Norris is a favorite in South Africa. “Just Receive” has brought comfort to pastors and priests alike.” Marty Goetz is featured prominently and his performance on “Could You Believe,” “The Love of God,” and “Only You Jesus,” are deeply moving.



“I don’t really know where to begin to tell you how this music has helped me in my life here. It is such a sheer gift to my soul and spirit, and it has guided me towards God when I wanted to really turn inward and away.



I love all of the songs, but especially, “Just Receive.” I would walk through the streets of Brookline at night, alone, replaying this on my cd player, over and over, until I felt strength and presence. Then I would go home and resolve to get up again and do what I had to do. It had an extremely profound effect on me and, believe it or not, my two cats (who were also very unsettled) listened to it, and it seemed to calm them-maybe because it calmed me.



“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this music available. Thank you for its beauty and for all the effort you put into it. It gave me a sense of presence when I felt extremely alone and scared.”



“If this kind of music were played in more churches, more people would go to church!” “I have played a few of the songs to some of my new friends here and they have also responded the way I did. One friend…just looked at me and a tear rolled down her face. She was so deeply touched. Please continue to write and produce!”