Beautiful Jesus

With Jeremy Riddle, TaTa Vega, Dean Parks, among others, this sometimes rousing, usually reverential and intimate album focuses on Jesus. It features one of the most powerful versions of “The Creed “and the perfect paring for Easter/communion with “To Bow and to Kiss” & “This Love.” “Here is My Heart” is a timeless surrender to God.


WITH AN UNCOMMON DEPTH of intimacy, and fresh lyrics and arrangements, Beautiful Jesus is not just another cookie-cutter worship album. Songwriter Andrea Hunter and worship leader Jeremy Riddle have teamed up to create a rare and profound experience of adoration. Blended into this audible incense of worship are legendary studio guitarist Dean Parks’ flawless musician-ship and Tata Vega’s impassioned vocals… Jesus”… a delicate, lovely song sung in both English and Spanish. The only downside to this recording is that at 38 minutes, it leaves you longing for more. This is a CD you will want to play over and over again.
Healing Rooms of Santa Maria Valley





Beautiful Jesus invites us into deeper intimacy with the source of our healing. Into that place of intimacy its offering rekindles love for our source and reawakens the fundamental hope we have based our lives on.




“If you like slower songs like “Precious Jesus” from his (Jeremy Riddle) earlier albums then you will love this album. I’ve purchased one song at a time. Each time I listened to that one song, loved it, and then returned to purchase another, and eventually I’d say, “This one is great too!” TaTa Vega and Riddle sound wonderful together. In addition, these are thoughtful songs on the very best theme: Beautiful Jesus. Five stars!”
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