RECON is a PRAYER and WORSHIP focused label in the broadest sense (comprising Intercession, contemplation, adoration, supplication, compassion, mercy, repentance, forgiveness, proclamation, prophecy, communion, thanksgiving, wisdom, consecration, confession, lamentation, celebration, warfare, and myriad other prayer expressions).

RECON is TRINITARIAN in focus: God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

RECON’s vision is to write and record the LOST AND MISSING SUNG PRAYERS of the Church, with God as the central actor in “His” story, and the Bible and His rhema word (always anchored to biblical truth) our inspiration. Yep, we need to know God loves us and is relentless in pursuing us, but we need to know even more about God’s character and actions in salvation history if we are going to be courageous, overcome, and thrive. It is because of the awesome and endless wonder of Who we serve as well as how much we are loved that we can endure and occupy

RECON’s name points to our responsive worship of God for His self-revealing love and His reconciliation of creation at the Cross where He defeated sin and death, and the Church as God’s recon (reconnaissance) unit. We, the called-out ones, who are in yet not of the world survey and secure enemy territory, and on our knees, in worship, prayer, and obedience, act to faithfully defeat the works of the enemy as we follow Christ. In victory and in times of challenge, we occupy until Jesus returns by and through the grace and mercy of God.

RECON loves to GIVE. We try to make all lead sheets available for free (some co-writes because of writers’ contractual relationships are not included). All downloads and streams on musical outlets and use through licensing agencies either fund outside nonprofits, or go to funding more music, both for Recon, but also for artists and ministries that need encouragement and support.

RECON is CONTENT/CONCEPT driven versus artist oriented.

RECON HONORS individual and community contributions. We feel each one who contributes to a track whether, music, lyrics, instrumental or vocal accompaniment, lead sheets, engineering/mixing/mastering, arrangement, catering (eating is essential during rehearsals and sessions) is an essential part of the final musical tapestry. That’s why you’ll see WeBody1 on many of our releases.  We love to direct attention to other songs, artists, and labels who are shepherding the Body through their sung prayer and artistry. 

RECON is GRACE-based. We hope and pray to embody the kind of grace that stirs transformation and fuels wonder, awe, love, and obedience.

RECON and its crew are called to TEACH and strive to expand the view and embrace of prayer in the Church.  

RECON likes to spread CELEBRATION. We believe in the MORE of GOD: more Life, more peace, more joy, more abundance, more patience, more kindness, more gentleness, more generosity, more faithfulness, more self-control, more perseverance, and more wisdom.

Recon Records is a different sort of label. We don’t sign artists, rather we collaborate with them. We believe that one heart reached is worth any amount of time, work, and/or applied resources, human or financial. Recon does feature worshipers, yet, the central focus is first God, then the music, theme, truth, theology, and formational substance. Recon Records knows we are pushing against the tide, because we know that as one Christian label VP once said, “Christian music is artist not content driven.” We don’t agree and we’re not alone. We love to direct attention to artists and other labels that major on content. We and (they) realize that every wonderful Christian worship release is far more than an artist’s signature. That’s why most of our recent releases have WeBody1 alongside the featured artist’s name because we know that “we being many are one body” and that each part, each human gift is essential and honored in whatever we do (Romans 12:1-8; 1 Cor 12). On every song, we need the theologians, engineers, pastors, caterers, the songwriters and poets, the teachers, designers, musicians, singers, arrangers, tech-masters and uploaders, the janitors, etc. Every song has a radius of creativity that borrows from the past and the present, sometimes the future…and from a chorus of human gifts. It takes His “body” to worship and to produce worship music. Our faith in and dependence on God and his inspiring Holy Spirit and our partnerships and collaborations with people and publishers are what began our tapestry of prayer and song and what sustains it.  Soli Deo gloria


Recon helps support ministries that reflect a heart of enacted and embodied worship.

Embracing Life Ministries (ELM) 

Founded in 1985 to minister to those with HIV AIDS, ELM is a healing and equipping ministry that focuses on reviving hope, reclaiming authority, and restoring true identity in Christ for all people through face to face and online classes, books, podcasts, and digital resources.

Caroline and Josh Smith who served in ministry in Africa for over 10 years and are founders of the El Roi Home for abandoned babies in South Africa, now work in the US, but continue to channel resources to children and families and pastors in need of support.