Founder's Thoughts

The Freeway, the Beach, Breakdowns and Breakthrough Theology.

The Ocean and the Freeway

I live in an apartment from which I can view the immense and overwhelming beauty of the Pacific Ocean. And almost every night, if I remember to look, see a stunning sunset. You can also hear and see one of the busiest Freeways in Southern California, the 5…and in this case it is not the “number of grace.” And as a believer, it seems that our life in the “now,” and “not yet” is symbolized by my apartment. We see the beauty of God, the vastness and powerful awe topping, jaw-dropping kingdom, his promises, his provision. We experience joy, His Presence, His peace. But we also are constantly confronted with the clutter, and roar, and insensitivity, and uncontrollable noise and pollution of the world system. Our tiny two bedrooms, one bath (darn), is hardly a match for the assault of enormous trucks. But sadly it took very little time for me to tune out the ugly and get used to the roar. But it still is there. I think we do this in life sometimes, rather than actively confronting the darkness in intercession and aligning ourselves with Christ in living His Life into the culture, we simply tune it out, or worse yet, add to the traffic on the Freeway of darkness. I do this when instead of praying and connecting with God in a moment of stress I connect to a news program or music or eat chocolate or descend into anger or judgment. I’m not against news, treats, expressing emotion, or music, just the habit of turning to them vs. the Father when I’ve reached tipping point. I remember one church I attended was constantly preaching “breakthrough,” as if by some miracle, you would one day win the spiritual Publishers Clearing House contest and all your challenges or most of them would be met. You would encounter destiny in your professional, spiritual, and relational universes and break through. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that God restores the years that the canker worm has eaten and is endlessly blessing us and helping us break from the past and break through to His Presence and present will for us, but I don’t believe there is a time when we won’t have to live with the tension of the Ocean and the Freeway, never a time that we won’t have to turn and draw strength from God. It will become easier as we practice turning to Him vs. idols and easy substitutes.