Words & Music


Our God So Loved 3.0 – D Our God So Loved 3.0 – E Our God So Loved 3.0 This past year, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate on songs that celebrate the Church Calendar: Advent, Christmas, Good Friday, Events in Holy Week, although like most Holy Week songs, they are year round inspiration. I’m sharing some lead sheets for one of them here (“Our God So Loved” see above), and lead sheet for the second song, “What Love Is Like,” I believe is available on CCLI SongSelect.  The former actually started years ago and went through several iterations. Josh Lavender nudged us all towards a song that reveals the Trinity at Calvary: Not Jesus alone, but Father, Son, and Spirit in the great rescue mission. Marcus DePeal added a terrific spoken word in the middle. https://youtu.be/KDIOzgjY8_4

Writing a song is often a correction in your theological perspective as you dig deeper into the Scripture surrounding your theme, and sometimes later you wish you had dug even deeper. That’s why I recommend writing songs for all Christians, even if only for yourself and God.

We also meet Jesus on the Cross on the song “What Love is Like,” written from Peter’s perspective. I believe this gentle and plaintive song is a word for our time. It was written by  worship pastor Josh Lavender, worship leader Jordan Rife, artist Melanie Tierce-Slay and myself. Here is the link to that song https://youtu.be/kcZNYmw51bQ

I see my Savior bound by accusers

Blessing the hands that take His Life

I hear Him saying, “Father, forgive them,”

Showing the world what Love is like….