Founder's Thoughts

THANKSGIVING… and illusory control a.k.a. humility.

Well, we’re finally launching the new website, courtesy of the hard work of one Jen Hubbard. Thank you God and thank you Jen. As you peruse the pages you will find, as in most of life, the website is not complete. This is a journey. Our illusory control of our own lives, of website distributors, rollouts, software, is once again confirmed. Hopefully, the website will be daily, or at least monthly adding samples, more charts/lead sheets for download (FREE) in case you want to reproduce any of these songs in your community. Also, sample tracks will be added. We have had a little glitch with our upload, because our online distributor can’t get the title right. Imago Dei: Jes(us) reflects that we are in Christ, and just as he is the embodiment of the Father, bodily, so we reflect God as his image…  BUT, he is God and we are not. So the “U” in us is lowercase…it MUST be lowercase. The trouble is the distributors (CD Baby) software is not letting me enter a lowercase “u”. It treats “us” as a new word and keeps capitalizing it. I know this may seem a small thing. But to me it definitely is not. So, will I win the battle against technology…  Tune in tomorrow to see (hopefully tomorrow).