Sonically, cool laid-back alt-rock, with heavenly shades of Brian Wilson backgrounds, retro-future. Perfect chance to mix band with choir for Advent services. An atmospheric faith-filled beginning to Advent as you identify with Mary as a Christ-carrier. 

Two refreshingly unique artists come together: Robbie Seay (an expressive and refreshing voice in Christian Music) and Misha Goetz (her recent release was included in the top 15 independent album releases this past year). “Mary’s Song (Magnificat)” gives voice to our prayer from the heart: nay we, like Mary, carry the life, light, beauty, justice and mercy of Christ. May we be born from above and together with the Holy Spirit answer Jesus (and our prayer) that God’s kingdom would come, his will be done here on earth as it is in heaven. May we glorify Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and radiate his love and light to the world.

Released three times on three different albums, in a single year, this canticle from the Gospel of Luke draws heavily from Scripture. “Mary’s Song (Magnificat)” featuring Robbie Seay & Misha Goetz is a fit for Advent and all year round. Multi-layered backgrounds from Aaron Encinas infuse the alt-rock track with heavenly beauty.

I loved “Mary’s Song” from the get-go. Simple, catchy, strong lyrically and great, great vocals. This song benefits from the stripped down straight-forward arrangement, but I think it’s strong enough to work in a variety of arrangements to be honest. A simple less-is-more winner! Darren V.