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Our King of Love

A Gift of Music & Art

Our King of Love

Painting by Wayne Forte featured in “King of Love (Shepherd)” by Andrea Hunter and Josh Lavender

This month Recon is featuring a song that is a collaboration of worship artist Josh Lavender and Recon founder Andrea Hunter. Inspired by the words from the classic hymn by Henry W. Baker, it features the artwork of celebrated multimedia artist and painter Wayne Forte. Since Wayne gifted us with his art for the video, we are also offering the lead sheets for your worship service in two keys.

Josh is one of God’s fresh choir of worshipers who combine deep understanding of Scripture and theology with heartfelt emotion, accomplished musicianship, and sincere devotion.(Josh’s father and grandfather just released a translation of the New Testament –

Wayne gives us a refreshing break from the sentimental Christian Art we are used to. Biblical truth literally shouts at you. His work ranges from restful to arresting, comforting to convicting. Often it is a literal visual Op-ed, inspiring…and challenging us to pause and consider our God and our faith.

King of Love (Shepherd) Key of D

King of Love (Shepherd) Rev.-2C