Jeremy Riddle

Jeremy Riddle

There’s nothing that compares to worship, there’s nothing that touches upon it. Inside I knew ultimately that I was purposed for worship. I knew I could do other stuff, but there was nothing that so grabbed me as worship, and I knew whether I could formulate it in words, it was more of a heart thing, that this was something I was called to, I was purposed for and I was destined to do.      – Jeremy Riddle



God has graced Jeremy Riddle with interpretive depth, a voice that blends raw intensity with accessible warmth…inviting, comforting and above all else, passionately present—and a psalmist‘s heart. His words and experience resonate with authenticity and beckon us closer to the Lover of our Soul.

Already leading worship for a kinship group of sixty when he was only 14, By the time he was 25 Jeremy blasted on to the contemporary worship scene on three different albums including Beautiful Jesus which garnered a place on Song DISCovery with  “To Bow and To Kiss,” a song still sung at communion and Easter services.

“My dad was definitely a hippy. He got converted in the Jesus movement. He was a musician and kind of a wild man in his devotions,” recalls Riddle. “I always remember either going to sleep and hearing him yelling and banging on his guitar in enthusiastic praise or waking up at four in the morning to hear him doing that. I loved to sing with him and my parents used to laugh because I sang really off key and really loudly, but my dad would never let my mom tell me to keep quiet. He would say, ‘No, no, this is a heart we want to cultivate.’  It’s something that I love that my father instilled in me, the heart of a burning worshipper…”

Born in Mt. Holly, New Jersey, Jeremy had his first revelation of a need for a savior at eight years old. “I snuck into a youth event where I wasn’t supposed to see one of those ‘Last Days,’ ‘End Times’ films, and it scared me so badly I ran home and jumped in my parent’s bed and said something like, ‘What must I do to be saved?’”  The next morning Jeremy went forward at First Baptist and received Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Now many years later, after serving as youth pastor at the Anaheim Vineyard, leading worship there and recording as a solo artist for the Vineyard’s Varietal record label, as well as traveling extensively, he and his family–he has five children–have transitioned to a new place of ministry as worship pastor at Bethel Church in Redding. It’s a much needed selah and an environment where his songwriting circuits are on as he collaborates with  Brian and Jenn Johnson and a host of writers.

As songs God has gifted him with circle the globe, such as  “Sweetly Broken,” “Love Came Down,” and “Furious,” to name just a few, Jeremy lives each day and shares with his children the legacy his father shared with him… faith in Christ, the gift of music…and “the heart of a burning worshipper.”

Reflecting on Beautiful Jesus, Jeremy says, “Each song is an experience in this album. I love ‘To Bow and To Kiss’…it just flowed. I don’t know where it came from. I just started singing and there it was, yet it was so fitting and such a perfect match for the words. The whole process was extremely natural, something that just flowed out of who Andrea is and who I am. I think the album is unique.” He adds, “I’m inclined to be a skeptical person. Entering, I said, we’ll see what develops and if I like it, then good…I just had no idea. I moved from being skeptical, to going, ‘yes this has something’ and ultimately, to believing that this [album] is something that the Lord really wanted to put together and orchestrate.”